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Laury Rambla
Mr Laury Rambla
France France is the only reliable source of information and it is the best known.
Moreover, is the only company to come every year at the MIN of Toulouse to update information.
I buy the directories every 2 years.

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18,000 professionals in 138 countries.
240,000 searches made in 1 year.

Subscribers Testimonies

René Gacon
Mr René Gacon
France France

Mr Rene Gacon, consultant to the Company Fruitière, specializes in bananas problems.
Creator of Agrisol (purchased by Katopé then Univeg), former President of "La Compagnie des Bananes", subsidiary of Fyffes and Chiquita.
"Throughout my long career, I used the Fructidor, and I especially appreciated its ability to adapt to changing markets. I particularly appreciate its increasing openness internationally, such as Eastern Europe or Asia.

I regularly read the Daily News."

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