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Pakistan 21/05/2024

Pakistan forecasts a fall in mango exports

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In Pakistan, for the 3rd year running, climate change is having a serious impact on mango production, and export volumes are set to fall. 
Local media report that annual mango production is around 1.8 million tonnes, from the Punjab (70% of national production), Sindh (29%) and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (1%) regions. But this year, the effects of climate change are having an impact on production, which could fall by 600,000 tonnes, according to industry figures.
Poor weather conditions are impacting mango yields, which are expected to fall in Punjab (-35 to -40%) and Sindh (-20%). 
For this new season, APFVEA (All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association) has reduced its export target to 100,000 tonnes. Last season, only 100,000 tonnes were exported out of a target of 125,000 tonnes. 
To halt this decline, mango growers are stressing the need for research-based solutions. These include the development of new varieties better suited to current conditions, the launch of programmes to provide farmers with information on new crop models, and a guaranteed supply of appropriate pesticides.
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Annual mango production is around 1.8 million tonnes. For this new season, APFVEA has reduced its export target to 100,000 tonnes (Photo:
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