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Chile 20/02/2024

Exports of Chilean cherries to China grow

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The Chilean cherry season is in full swing, and port operators San Antonio Terminal Internacional (STI) and DP World San Antonio have revealed a 27% growth in containerised cherry shipments to China. In the 2023/24 season, these terminals shipped a total of 11,776 units of cherries.
The cherry export season at the Port of San Antonio lasted from 27 November 2023 to 9 January 2024, according to Portual Portuario reports. The main destinations were Nansha, with 47.06% of the total cargo (6,166 containers), Shanghai with 35.29% (4,027 containers) and Tianjin with 17.65% (1,583 containers).
With 17 ships departing from San Antonio Terminal Internacional and DP World San Antonio, the port managed to export 11,776 containers, 2,516 more than the previous season, representing an increase of 27.17%. STI moved 9,496 containers of cherries to China, while DP World transferred a total of 2,280 containers.
Cherry Express
The introduction of direct routes from the Port of San Antonio to China, together with the Cherry Express service, has reduced the journey time from 28 to 22 days. In addition, the port of Tianjin was added, facilitating wider distribution in northern China.

According to Jorge Santos, Operations Manager of Puerto San Antonio, the 2023/24 season was a success thanks to the joint work and coordination with the concessionaires STI and DP World, as well as with the carriers and the entire logistics chain. This made it possible to meet the needs of the exporters of this valuable Chilean product.




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The Chilean cherry season is in full swing (photo:
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