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All countries 29/11/2023

Potato harvest risks and delays in Europe

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A volume of 1.4 million tons of potatoes remains to be harvested in Europe, according to data from the association of potato growers that brings together farmers from Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, known as NEPG. 
Most of this amount is in fields in the Netherlands, where persistent rains have caused substantial delays in harvesting. Adverse weather conditions in October forced harvesting to be suspended in many areas of these countries, just three weeks after it began.
NEPG estimates that, of the above total, approximately 15% still remains in the fields in the Netherlands, while in Belgium, the figure could be as high as 11%.
At present, there are concerns about the harvestability of these tubers, as there is a real risk that some may rot in the field. Even the potatoes that are harvested are expected to face quality problems and difficult storage.
This situation has led to a reduction in the availability of potatoes suitable for storage, raising doubts about the ability to meet established contracts.

The decrease in production will also have a negative impact on seed production, with an estimated 20% reduction due to a smaller planted area and a decrease in crop quality. This phenomenon could have significant consequences on potato production next year.

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NEPG estimates that, of this total, approximately 15% of the potatoes still remain in the fields in the Netherlands, while in Belgium, the figure could reach 11%. (
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