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Italy 31/10/2023

Grapes to be Macfrut 2024's signature fruit

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The 41st Macfrut trade show will take place from Wednesday May 8 to Friday May 10 at Rimini Fiera (Italy).
Table grapes will be the emblematic fruit of Macfrut 2024, with the international 3-day 'Macfrut Table Grape Symposium' featuring experts, technicians and operators from the main table grape producing areas.
On Wednesday, May 8, the Symposium will focus on a variety of topics (selections, growing systems, water management, innovations, post-harvest quality management, etc.). On Thursday May 9, the Macfrut Table Grape Global Players will focus on market and production trends, with the participation of global players. On Friday May 10, 'Table Grape On Field' will feature a field set up inside the show and technical tours led by experts.
Biosolutions International' will bring together companies to present key innovations to industry professionals. In addition to the international exhibition area, the event also includes the 'Biosolutions International Congress' and conferences.
Spices & Herbs Global Expo', dedicated to the cultivation and primary processing technologies of medicinal plants and their main by-products, and to the expansion of the global market for spices and plant raw materials. New for 2024: edible flowers, sought-after products by foodservice professionals and consumers alike.
source : macfrut
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Le raisin de table sera le fruit emblématique de Macfrut 2024, y compris le "Macfrut Table Grape Symposium" international de trois jours (Photos : Macfrut).
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