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Italy 22/09/2023

Italian producer introduces new fruit varieties

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The Italian fruit producer Apofruit is glad to announce the introduction of new fruit varieties. This season, the company broads its offer with new green kiwi variety, AC 459011; Kako Maxim kaki; new apples: Candine® and Joya®; and a new pear, Fred®. At the same time, the company is ready to supply Autumn Crisp®, Timco®, Allison® and Scarlotta® grapes.


“Kako Maxim is available from mid-September and can anticipate the Rojo Brillante season for over a month. Speaking about apples, Candine® and Joya® are the two main apple varieties we are developing. In terms of pears, Fred® remains our stellar variety. Our grape supplies are led by the Autumn Crisp®, Timco®, Allison® and Scarlotta® varieties.”


Apofruit meticulously controls production processes in all of its twelve plants in Italy and offers organically grown fruits. It is certified by GlobalG.A.P., BRC, IFS, GRASP, ISO 9001, ORGANIC Reg. 2018/848, BIO SUISSE, Naturland, and LEAF. 


“We aim to consolidate our presence in Europe and overseas markets: Asia, Dubai, North and South America. We are open to collaborating with new clients and will gladly meet in person at the following trade shows. In October, Apofruit, Canova and Mediterraneo Group will participate in Fruit Attraction Madrid.”


If you wish to book an appointment with Apofruit’s team, send an inquiry.



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Apofruit is ready to supply the new apple variety, Candine®.
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