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Spain 04/09/2023

Top fruits on the Spanish market in September

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In September, fruit took centre stage in the fruit and vegetable sector's exports, keeping pace with the production calendar. In 2022, fruit sales abroad reached 302,459 tonnes, representing 58% of the total volume exported. Among the most demanded fruits were table grapes, nectarine, watermelon, melon and peach, which together accounted for 222,190 tonnes of exported vegetables.
Table grapes stood out as the most exported fruit in September last year, with a total of 40,541 tonnes. This reflects the growing importance this crop has acquired in Spain, especially in the Murcia region, where seedless grapes have gained ground, overtaking the fruits that traditionally led exports in this month, such as peach, nectarine and watermelon. In addition, the drop in stone fruit production due to last year's frosts contributed to grapes becoming the leader in exports in the month analysed.
After table grapes, the most sold fruits abroad in September 2022 were nectarine (30,791 T), watermelon (29,200 T), melon (28,154 T) and peach (26,085 T).
In September 2021 and 2020, watermelon led exports, while in previous years it was peach and nectarine, according to data from the Customs and Excise Department.




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In September, fruit takes centre stage in exports in the fruit and vegetable sector, following the rhythm of the production calendar (photo:
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