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All countries 04/08/2023

Tomato varieties with intermediate resistance to ToBRFV and exceptional taste qualities

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Sakata Seeds has taken an important step towards mitigating the challenges for growers posed by ToBRFV (Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus). After carrying out trials on its tomato portfolio, the company confirmed that 4 varieties  – Chocostar F1, Lemonstar F1, Royalstar F1, and Luciestar F1 possess intermediate resistance to ToBRFV.

“Sakata’s focus moved from broccoli to a larger portfolio. Currently, tomato is one of our most important crops, followed by squash, pepper, onion, leafy crops… Overall, we offer 32 breeds and operate in different segments”, says Matthieu Maxant, Sakata EMEA Chief Operating Officer (COO).

“In order to be sure what we sell, we tested our new seeds in different regions. After having carried out multiple trials, we discovered that the achieved resistance is not negatively impacting the taste, which is crucial”, explains Mr. Maxant.

“In terms of international markets, Sakata is quite spread today. We have a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, Maghreb, and South Africa. For the 4 tomato varieties presenting intermediate resistance to TOBRFV, they are all classified in Specialities. We are, therefore, more targeting specialized markets such as Northern Europe, France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco."

In September, the company will take part in Field Days in the Netherlands. In October, it will be present at Fruit Attraction in Spain.

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Chocostar F1 tomato variety by Sakata Seeds possesses intermediate resistance to ToBRFV.
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