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Peru 16/03/2023

Grape exports from Peru on the rise this season

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Peruvian grape exports in January and February 2023 showed an increase both in volume and value comparing to the same months of 2022. 


In January and February 2023, the country exported 234.688.638 kilos of the fruit worth $626.159.046, informs Agrodata Perú.


In the same term of 2022, Peru shipped 201.189.211 kilos of grape for $486.993.551.


In the first two months of 2023, the United States positioned itself as the major destination for Peruvian grape, with supplies worth $331.570.000. The second major recipient was the Netherlands, with some $56.776.000. Other destinations: Mexico ($46.699.000), Hong Kong ($49.302.000), China ($40.513.000), and the United Kingdom ($5.399.000), among others. 



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In January and February 2023, Peru exported 234.688.638 kilos of grapes worth $626.159.046, informs Agrodata PerĂº.(
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