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India 02/03/2023

+16.3% increase in value for Indian onion exports.

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In India, the Minister of Trade and Food clarified that onion exports increased sharply over the period from April to December 2022.
Local media report that in response to an opposition parliamentarian, the Ministry of Trade and Industry clarified that India's onion exports for the period April to December 2022 totaled 523.8 million USD, or +16.3% on an annual basis. Clarifying that from July to December 2022, onion exports consistently exceeded the USD 40 million mark each month.
Regarding the general onion trade policy, the ministry pointed out that there is no ban on the export of onions from India. Only the export of onion seeds is restricted but it is possible under authorization from the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade).
In India, due to the gap between rabi crops (winter sown harvested in spring) and kharif crops (monsoon crops) as well as the perishable nature of the product, onion prices often increase during the months of September to December.
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Indian onion exports over the period April to December 2022 totaled USD 523.8 million, an increase of +16.3% (Photo:
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