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Chile 14/02/2023

Volume of Chilean citrus exports decreases 32% year-on-year

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The 2022 campaign was the lowest in recent years for citrus exports in Chile, decreasing 32% year-on-year in volume, according to data from the ASOEX Citrus Committee.
In total, 268,100 tons of citrus fruits have been shipped. Of this volume, 33% corresponds to mandarins, whose shipments decreased 27% year-on-year (89,130 T). The other 30% made up oranges, down 43% year-on-year (80,623 T). Lemons made up 21%, falling 21% (56,260 T). Clementines constituted 16%, decreasing 39% compared to 2021 (42,090 T).
The United States was the largest destination (87% of the total) and the remaining volume was shipped to the Far East (8%), Latin America (3%) and Europe (1%).
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The United States was the largest destination for Chilean citrus in 2022, receiving 87% of shipments. (photo:
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