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Turkiye 03/02/2023

Satisfactory performance for Turkish citrus exports in 2022

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The total value of Turkish citrus exports in 2022 did not reach 1 billion USD, mainly due to difficulties related to the international context, but remains in line with previous years.
According to the compilation from AKİB data, the Association of Mediterranean Exporters, in 2022 Turkey exported 1,940,000 tons of citrus fruits worth just over 904 million USD.
The most exported products were in order of exported volumes: mandarins, lemons, oranges and grapefruit. The first destination remains Russia with a share of 429 million USD, followed by Ukraine with 84 million USD, Iraq with 68 million USD, Poland with 46 million USD and Romania with 42 million USD.
According to Kemal Kaçmaz, vice-president of the National Citrus Council, the international context has contributed to a result that is slightly worse than the previous year but remains satisfactory given the many problems encountered in 2022 (Russia-Ukraine conflict, negative effects of the pandemic, transport difficulties, decline in purchasing power). He says he is confident and estimates that the export target of USD 1 billion will be reached in 2023.
To achieve this goal, Turkish professionals plan to increase exports to countries in the Far East.
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In 2022 Turkey exported 1.940 million tons of citrus fruits with a value that exceeded 904 million USD (Photo:
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