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Turkiye 25/01/2023

Growth of +3.97% in value for tomato exports in 2022

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In 2022, Turkey exported tomatoes to 54 countries and its destination markets have evolved. Increased exports to Balkan countries offset contraction in another market.
According to a Bulgarian media quoting the Turkish agency Andadolu, in 2022 the value of tomato exports from Turkey exceeded 377.4 million USD, or +3.97% compared to the 362.9 million USD achieved in 2021. 2022, Turkey supplied 526,703 tons of tomatoes to 54 countries.
The 1st importer of Turkish tomatoes was Romania (65.2 million USD), followed by Ukraine (45.3 million USD), Bulgaria (38.1 million USD) and then Germany, the United Kingdom , the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Poland and Malaysia.
According to Turkish professionals, the demand from the Balkan countries has compensated for the contraction observed on the Russian market which recorded only 33 million USD whereas the turnover was previously 200 million USD. In Russia, the Turkish tomato seems to be losing market share to tomatoes from Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.
But Turkish tomatoes remain in high demand, especially by the European market. For the coming years, according to an association of Turkish growers, the goal is to increase tomato exports to reach 500 million USD per year.
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In 2022 Turkey exported tomatoes to 54 countries worth 377.4 million USD, or +3.97% compared to 2021 (Photo:
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