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Ukraine 17/01/2023

Ukrainian apple exporter invites meeting in person at Fruit Logistica and Gulfood Dubai

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A highly regarded exporter of Ukrainian apples, USPA FRUIT supplies over 40 countries, including the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries from Southeast Asia, Africa, and the European Union. 


Mr. Volodymyr Gurzhiy, USPA Fruit General Manager, chats with Fructidor and shares his point of view regarding the harvest and business operations in terms of war. 


“Despite the fact that there were many forecasts regarding compromised technology, the quality of the apple harvest this year is considered high”, comments the director.


“Although negative trend in the logistics and packaging costs is observed, exports have started actively. Among the challenges is that the Serbian and Turkish exporters also started quite well and set a low-price trend on the main foreign markets. This way, the economics of exporters have squeezed from two sides: on the one hand, costs have increased, and on the other, there is price pressure. Currently, supplies of Royal Gala apples from these countries are quite limited, but this trend still affects the price sentiment of buyers. The geography of Ukrainian apple exports remains stable, except for the Belarusian market – completely absent due to the war, which normally dominated the exports volume. The domestic consumption in Ukraine has significantly decreased due to migration of women and children – the main apple consumers, also due to occupation of territories and reduction of purchasing power. Generally, logistics costs have increased twice, and sometimes even more, compared to the previous season. In fact, the logistics costs absorbed the exporters' margin. Currently, prices in foreign markets are regular compared to previous years. If there are no high prices within the foreign markets this year, it will not be easy for Ukrainian exporters. Theoretically, in the second half of the season, apple prices should rise and are increasing already. The question is whether this increase will offset the cost of storage. After April, apples from the Southern Hemisphere will appear and prices theoretically should drop, and then the hope will be only for the domestic market.”, continues Mr. Gurzhiy.


Thanks to a well-developed diversification and fragmentation strategy, USPA Fruit operates successfully. Currently, we are stable, exports are taking place as usual. The international division shows a steady growth. Since the beginning of the season, USPA Fruit has already exhibited at Mihas Kuala Lumpur, Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Sial in Paris, Interpoma in Bolzano”, concludes Mr. Gurzhiy.


On February 8-10, USPA Fruit will participate in Fruit Logistica in Berlin (Germany). Later, on February 20-24, the company will be present at the Gulfood in Dubai (UAE). If you wish to get acquainted with the team personally, send an email to schedule a meeting

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Mr. Volodymyr Gurzhiy, USPA Fruit General Manager, chats with Fructidor and shares his point of view regarding the harvest and business operations in terms of war.
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