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Ukraine 05/01/2023

Ukrainian company ships apples, pears, and plums worldwide

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With the slogan “We make this world tastier”, Farm Gadz is a fruit business hailing from Ukraine, widely known for its apples, pears, and plums. Along with fresh fruits, the company produces and exports value-added products: fruit purées, juices NFC, smoothies, and apple chips. 
Recently, Fructidor investigated how fruit businesses in the country operate and ship worldwide in winter, during wartime. 
According to Mr. Vasyl Kuz, Farm Gadz Commercial Director, the nowadays situation is very difficult for Ukrainian businesses. Starting with the blackout, the increase in logistics and fuel costs, and ending with the surplus of apples on the Ukrainian market and, as a result, the lower cost of products. 
“This year, the export season looks completely different from previous years. We had to reconfigure logistics chain and deliver products from the port in Romania, which in turn increased delivery costs. In addition, a large part of consumers left. Part of the farmers actually sold the apple at cost price in order not to spend money on storage and sorting. However, we decided to work in normal mode to supply the Ukrainian market all year round and continue shipping abroad. Today, we supply 30 countries, being the major markets the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait) and Africa (Kenya, Somalia). Egypt is an interesting market as it is relatively close to Ukraine. Currently, there is an import duty on apples from Ukraine, which leads to an automatic price increase, and we cease to be interesting for Egyptian customers. Among our recently opened destinations are Malaysia and Israel. The export potential of Ukrainian apples is huge, our international clients highly appreciate the fruit. ”, concludes Mr. Kuz.
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Along with fresh fruits, Farm Gadz produces and exports value-added products: fruit purées, juices NFC, smoothies, and apple chips.
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