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Egypt 07/12/2022

European apples target Egyptian and Jordanian markets

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At Fresh Africa 2022 in Cairo (Egypt), the "Time for apples from Europe”/Le temps des pomme d'Europe" campaign was presented, which aims to promote European apples on the Egyptian and Jordanian markets.
The campaign is a 3-year (2022-2025) information and promotion program led by the Association of Polish Fruit Growers and co-funded by the European Union. The campaign promotes the nutritional value and high quality of fresh European apples whose production is governed by strict standards and requirements.
During the press conference, Mirolaw Maliszwski, president of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers, underlined that European apple exports to Egypt could still progress, in particular thanks to this campaign which will attract the attention of local consumers. for these healthy and safe fruits.
The Egyptian market is a major market in terms of volume and growth potential. In 2020 the European Union exported 237,089,025 kilos of apples to Egypt, then in 2021 the volume exported reached 308,925,365 kilos, of which 154,169,170 kilos were Polish apples.
In Egypt, apple imports from Europe represent more than half of the imports in terms of value. Fruit from Poland represents 36.3% of total imported apples, those from Italy represent 24% of the total and those from Greece 14%.
This 3-year campaign is the continuation of the previous campaign (2017-2019) which also targeted the Egyptian market. In 2017 Egypt imported only 115,374,347 kilos of European apples.
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The main objective of this campaign is to increase the export of apples from the European Union to these markets.
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