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Thailand 24/11/2022

Thai producers worried about competition from Vietnam in Chinese market

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Thailand has long been the only country allowed to export fresh durians to China, but Vietnam has just received permission to export fresh durians as well.
In 2021, Thailand exported a record volume to China, up +68% compared to the previous year, of 875,000 tonnes of fresh durian. Vietnam has been exporting processed durian to China for years, but after 4 years of negotiation, China has allowed the shipment of fresh Vietnamese durian.
Thais are concerned about this new competition in the Chinese market, pointing out that shipments from Vietnam take less time to reach China and thus Vietnamese growers can afford to pick the fruit later than in Thailand. Riper fruits from Vietnam could fetch higher prices than fruits from Thailand.
The Vietnamese recognize that their farmers still need to improve their practices and standards to export high-quality durians. Among the criteria required by China: keeping a register of agricultural activities; do not grow durian in the same area as other fruits, which increases the risk of pests and diseases; apply hygiene standards; respect the anti-Covid 19 measures.
China has approved for export to its market about 3,000 hectares of orchards, or 3.5% of the total area dedicated to durian cultivation in Vietnam.
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Thailand is the leading supplier to the Chinese market, with 875,000 tons of fresh durian exported to China in 2021 (Photo:
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