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Portugal 18/07/2022

​​CMR GROUP opens new headquarters in Portugal

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Within the framework of the internationalization strategy, CMR GROUP has opened a commercial office near the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market of Lisboa, MARL. It should be noted that the group is already present in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, León, Brazil, Holland and France.
From this new office, service will be provided to customers located in Portugal, and group products will be offered, both from local producers of the Iberian Peninsula and international ones. This extensive and selected referral network will cover all annual campaigns with high-quality certified fruit and vegetables.
The office will be headed by Mr. Carlos Serodio, who is a renowned professional with extensive experience in the fruit and vegetable sector.
CMR is a company with over 100 years of history in the fruit and vegetable trade and currently with the fifth generation active. Its correct management has allowed the company to achieve sustained growth over the years together with its partners, producers at origin who have found in CMR Group the ideal platform to market their brands and products. 
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Estrada da Quinta dos Conegos, 2580 465 Carregado
Phone +351 915596600
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CMR GROUP is already present in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, León, Brazil, Holland, Portugal, and France. (
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