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Italy 31/05/2022

Italian producer presents new line of washed salads

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Altamura is a growers organization set near Salerno in the Southern of Italy. Rapid action in the product delivery and cold chain in all process phases, including transport from the field, is key to delivering the freshest product to purchasers, according to the owner’s ideology.


Last month, Altamura presented a new line of washed salads under the brand name Mama Salad, that includes such greens as arugula and baby spinach. 


“Generally, our main focus is export. We supply 28 countries, particularly Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Baltic area, Middle East, Asia. In the near future we plan to work more with Germany and France. 50% of our customers are packaging houses, and another 50% are distributors, supermarkets, HoReCa, and so on. We work a lot on new products for the HoReCa sector, such as edible flowers and some special herbs. We always try to offer our customers something new: oriental leaves, wasabi rucola, mizuna lettuce.”, comments Fabrizio Todisco, Trade Marketing Manager at Altamura.


If you wish to become a supplier of special herbs by Altamura, send your inquiry

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Photo: Fabrizio Todisco, Trade Marketing Manager at Altamura, presenting new line of Mama Salads during Fruit Logistica 2022 in Berlin.
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