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Italy 24/05/2022

BioGraphy provides consumers with transparency, traceability and guarantee of origin

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The Italian consortium VIP Val Venosta has launched an initiative for its ORGANIC apples. Thanks to the BioGraphy project, in a few clicks, consumers can access the website and find out the name of the producer who grew and harvested the apples they buy, see their face and learn about their history.
The BioGraphy project, which has grown year after year with the incorporation of new producers, now has 280 members. It reflects the values ​​put forward by the Consortium: transparency, traceability and the guarantee of origin. The objective of the project is to provide the consumer of an organic apple with a set of information on the origin of the product, thus enriching his experience of purchase and consumption.
On each packaging of Val Venosta organic apples there are personalized labels with a QR code and the name of the producer himself. The consumer can scan the QR code and be taken directly to the individual farmer's webpage, or visit the dedicated site and enter the grower's name in the appropriate field. In both cases, the consumer will have access to texts, photos and videos which will inform him about the origin of the apples he has purchased: particularities of the farmer, precise location of the farm, but also technical information on cultivation and harvesting.
Visit the BioGraphy website HERE
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The consumer, thanks to Biography, obtains various information about the farmer who grew the apples (Photos:
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