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Italy 04/05/2022

Live from Macfrut: Agriculture of the future with Smart Agriculture, Biosolutions and Acqua Campus events

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Macfrut is a vertical exhibition that represents the entire fruit and vegetable sector with 8 sectors: production and trade, machinery and plants, materials and packaging, cultivation machinery, greenhouses and irrigation, nurseries and seeds, biosolutions, logistics and services.
Come discover the innovations and technologies of the future that are presented:
Smart Agricultur
Digitization and agriculture 4.0 are the key themes.
In this area, leading companies present the latest innovations in precision agriculture: drones, sensors, artificial intelligence, robots and specific technological equipment for the agricultural sector.
Inside the exhibition halls, during the 3 days of the show, a test field will host live demonstrations of these 4.0 technologies.
Biosolutions International Event 2022 
To meet consumer demand, the production of fruit and vegetables must increasingly use natural products for the protection, nutrition and biostimulation of plants.
Companies showcase key innovations to industry professionals at the event which includes:
.an international exhibition space reserved for companies dealing with Biosolutions;
.conferences, round tables, meetings
.Biosolutions Innovation Award, a prize rewarding the most innovative products.
Acqua Campus 
An area entirely dedicated to innovations and technologies applied to the field of irrigation, divided into an exhibition area and a test field.
During the 3 days of the fair, guided technical tours are organized during which visitors have the opportunity to see several avant-garde technologies for the management of water resources applied to horticulture.
Rimini Expo Center
4-5-6 mai 2022


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Come and discover the innovations and technologies of the future that are presented during these 3 events (Photos: macfrut).
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