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France 04/05/2022

Prospects look good this year

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The recent edition of the medFEL show allowed the organization 'AOP Pêches et Abricots de France', which brings together 600 producers, to take stock on the eve of the start of the summer fruit season.
During this 2022 edition of the medFEL exhibition, the election of the members of the office of the organization 'AOP Pêches et Abricots de France' took place. Re-election of President Bruno Darnaud who is now assisted by 3 Vice-Presidents: Nathalie Bonnet (Domaine des Coteaux), Katia Sabatier-Jeune (Lorifruit-Fruits Union) and Estelle Alarcon (La Melba).
The conferences also made it possible to take stock of the acquisition of technical knowledge, including the 'Eco-responsible Orchards Charter' and the work carried out in agroecology, presented by Muriel Millan, technical manager of 'AOP Pêches et Abricots de France' and Ange Rama , arborist member of the Ille Fruits Cooperative.
European apricot harvest forecasts have confirmed what experts predicted, namely a sharp drop in production in Spain (53,000 tonnes, or -52% compared to the 2016-2020 average), leaving French production ( 128,000 tons) favorable commercial prospects this year.
source : aop pechesabricots france 
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The apricot harvest forecasts were unveiled at the medFEL show. This year, for French production, the commercial outlook seems favorable (Photo: aop pechesabricots france).
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