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England 03/05/2022

UK scraps July 1 controls on imports

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Inspections, on all food products entering the UK from the EU, were due to come into force from July 1. These checks are being scrapped and the UK government is now planning a complete overhaul of its border control plans for 2023.
According to the statement made in the House of Commons, Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg, announced that the controls which were due to come into force on July 1 would not be applied in 2022. According to the minister, the government is planning a complete overhaul of its plans border control and that the end of 2023 is now the target for a whole new control regime.
These sanitary and phytosanitary checks, scheduled for July 1, have been abandoned due to an impact estimated by the government at 1 billion GBP (1.2 billion USD) for trade. These controls risked increasing costs and causing UK consumers to raise prices further. Prices which are already very high due to rising energy prices and uncertainties regarding the conflict in Ukraine.
UK professionals believe the move will allow businesses to better recover from the difficulties of the health crisis and better manage global supply chain issues.
For its part, BPA (British Ports Association) deplores the expenditure already made for the construction of border checkpoints and the various installations which will not be used as well as the enormous effort which has been made to have things ready in time. .
According to some analysts, physical checks are completely abandoned and the government wants to establish a digitized border regime by the end of 2023, which will make the vast majority of physical checks unnecessary.
source : news24fr,
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The checks planned from July 1 on imports from the EU have been abandoned (Photo:
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