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Pakistan 26/04/2022

38% drop in volume but 4% increase in value for fruit exports

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Pakistan has just recorded a fairly satisfactory performance for its fruit exports, which varied by -38% in volume but +4% in value.
According to PBS (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics), over the period July 2021 to March 2022, total fruit exports reached 514,516 tons, a variation of -38%, compared to the 829,369 tons exported in the same period one year. previously. These 2021-22 exports reach a value of 394 million USD, i.e. a variation of +4% compared to 378 million USD for the same period a year earlier.
The chairman of PFVA (Pakistan Fruits and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association) said the exporters were lucky to get a good price for the fruits. In particular for mango, kinnow and dates, which account for 90% of total fruit exports, despite the sharp increase in transport prices.
Kinnow, a variety of tangerine, is exported to Central Asian countries, the Middle East, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Gulf countries, United Kingdom and Ukraine. Pakistan also exports fruits such as bananas, chikoo (sapotille), guava.
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he decline in volume was compounsed by good prices, allowing a rise in value for Pakistan's fruit exports (Photo:
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