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India 21/04/2022

India has resumed food shipments to Russia

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine and then various Western sanctions blocked trade. Global shipping lines have stopped calling at Russian ports for commercial shipping but Indian professionals have found alternative access to reach the Russian market.
This is the first time since February 24, the date of the invasion of Ukraine, that Indian goods have been exported to Russia. Dozens of containers filled with Indian foodstuffs (rice, tea, coffee, seafood, etc.) were shipped to Russia via ports in Georgia.
This alternative access to reach the Russian market was possible thanks to the efforts of the committee set up by the Indian government and which is responsible for helping professionals with their exports. Bilateral trade with Russia has been revived since 2 Russian banks (Sberbank, Alfa Bank) started to facilitate payments in rupees. While the Bank of Maharashtra handled the Indian part of the transactions.
India imports cheap fuel oil from Russia. India has an annual trade of USD 8 billion with Russia. India's main exports are pharmaceuticals, machinery, rice and other foodstuffs.
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India has successfully exported food products to Russia through ports in Georgia (Photo:
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