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Egypt 31/03/2022

Egypt and Saudi Arabia strengthen cooperation

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The 2 countries have agreed to strengthen cooperation in a large number of economic areas, including the increase in the volume of trade.
After the meeting chaired by the Egyptian and Saudi ministers in charge of trade, the joint Egyptian-Saudi committee issued its conclusions. The two countries wish to strengthen bilateral trade and cooperation in many economic fields.
With regard to agriculture and food, it is agreed to cooperate and facilitate exports and trade between the 2 countries for shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables.
In addition, the parties will activate the role of the Animal Resources Risk Assessment Division on the Saudi side and the Central Plant Quarantine Administration on the Egyptian side to exchange all notifications, information, special legislations, import rules and export, as well as domestic legislation, sampling and examination procedures for agricultural quarantine.
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The 2 countries want to increase the volume of their trade, especially for agricultural products (Photo:
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