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Tanzania 23/03/2022

Tanzania expects growth exceeding 33% for its avocado exports

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This projected growth will result from an increase in the volumes produced and from the increase in demand in the new markets that Tanzania has obtained.
Tanzania expects its revenue from avocado exports to reach around TSH 100 billion (USD 45 million) by 2023, up from TSH 75 billion (USD 33 million) currently. That is a variation of +33.3% in value.
This projection is based on an increase in export volumes reaching 15,000 tons, which is higher than the 11,237 tons exported last year. The variation will be +33.4% in volume
Taha (Tanzania Horticultural Association) clarified that the projection shows a significant increase in exports, especially by the growing demand in the new markets that Tanzania has obtained in Europe and in the Gulf States, in particular the United Arab Emirates. Indeed, participation in Expo 2020 Dubai has extended the reach of Tanzanian products globally and secured many customers.
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Tanzania forecasts an increase of +33.3% in value and +33.4% in volume for its avocado exports by 2023 (Photo:
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