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Morocco 17/03/2022

Moroccan tomato exports reduced to control soaring prices

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In Morocco, the price of tomatoes has risen due to various factors (energy prices, drought, domestic market imbalance) but also due to the volumes exported. To control this surge in prices, tomato exports are reduced.
According to Moroccan media announcements, tomato exports are reduced to control this price spike before the month of Ramadan (April 2-May 2). This temporary measure should mainly concern the round tomato, the one most consumed in Morocco.
This announced reduction should mainly impact exports to Europe where Morocco ships around 430,000 tonnes of tomatoes each year.
In Morocco the price of tomatoes has more than doubled in a few weeks. The increase would be caused by the increase in the price of diesel and the drought which weighed on production costs. But also by the imbalance of the internal market and the multiplicity of intermediaries who have participated in the soaring prices. As well as the orientation, essentially towards exports, of the national production of tomatoes.
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Morocco will export fewer round tomatoes to control soaring prices on the national market (Photo:
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