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Algeria 17/03/2022

Algeria plans to import 100,000 tonnes of potatoes

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In an effort to bring down prices that have been rising for weeks on the domestic market, Algeria decides on a potato import program.
According to APS (Algeria Press Service) the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, have decided on an 'exceptional' potato import programme. First the import of a first batch of 30,000 tonnes which will be followed by other batches. The total quantity is estimated at 100,000 tons.
This decision aims to combat the rise in potato prices which reached 150 DZD (1.05 USD) in some markets in Algiers. Food prices are a concern, especially as the month of Ramadhan (April 2-May 2) approaches.
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Algeria will import potatoes to bring down prices (Photo:
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