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Netherlands (the) 21/01/2022

Dutch distributor substitutes carton boxes for reusable crates for grape transportation

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Thanks to the tight cooperation with the South African organic grape grower Orex Export (Pty) and IFCO SYSTEMS, OTC Organics became the first company to offer organic grape packed in the most sustainable way, destined mainly to consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


OTC Organics is proud to have contributed towards decreasing the CO2-Footprint by making a huge step in reducing emissions, water, energy use and reduction in carton usage, commented Edward Out, Managing Director of the company.


In the past 2 years they invested time & money with partners in the supply chain aiming to substitute a single use consumer packaging which was home recyclable. OTC Organics successfully tested carton based alternatives to single use plastic. 


In order to achieve their sustainability goals, they decided to carry out the first tests with a more sustainable transport packaging for organic grapes. They have packed their sustainable consumer packaging carton punnet + r-PET lid and loose grapes in paper carry bags in IFCO’s reusable Black Lift Lock crates. 


Substituting the standard carton transport box for a reusable IFCO crate, which is reused several times and totally recycled to produce new IFCO crates, resulted in a bunch of advantages for everyone within the supply chain, like significant cost minimization. Using the reusable crate brough also to a more efficient packing- and loading process. 



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Loose grapes in paper carry bags.
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