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Egypt 20/01/2022

Exports expected to rise rapidly for 5 Egyptian products

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In Egypt about 3,000 new farms have been approved for export. 
In an interview with ANBA (Agência de Notícias Brasil-Árabe) Dr. Ahmed Kamal El-Attar, head of the Central Administration of Plant Quarantine, said that in the 2nd half of 2021,the Egyptian government has made 3,000 new farms eligible for export.
These approved farms produce citrus fruits, pomegranates, peppers, guavas and strawberries. This allows for a rapid increase in exports for these 5 products. 
According to Mr. El-Attar, the Central Administration of Plant Quarantine, continues its efforts to enable Egyptian agricultural products to penetrate new markets such as the Philippines and Thailand, as well as the United States for citrus and China for pomegranates.
The free trade agreement with the Mercosur zone (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) should bring benefits to Egyptian agricultural products. 
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Egypt will be able to increase its exports of citrus and strawberries but also peppers, pomegranates and guavas (Photo :
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