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Singapore 12/01/2022

A new packaging that has the ability to kill harmful bacteria

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This innovation was developed by scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in the US who are working on cutting-edge applications in agriculture and food, with a focus on developing non-toxic and environmentally friendly nanomaterials.
This new food packaging material is biodegradable, durable and 'smart'. It has the ability to kill microbes that are harmful to humans and can also extend the shelf life of fresh fruit.
It is made from a variety of natural materials, such as zein, a protein extracted from maize grain, and starch. Its compounds are infused with a cocktail of natural antimicrobials such as thyme oil and citric acid. When exposed to increased moisture or enzymes from harmful bacteria, the packaging fibres are able to release the natural antimicrobial compounds, killing common harmful food-borne bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria, as well as fungi.
This innovative material fights any bacteria that grow on the surface of the packaging as well as on the food product itself, and can be used for a wide variety of products, including ready-to-eat foods such as raw meat, fruit and vegetables. In one experiment, strawberries packed in the package remained fresh for 7 days.
The scientists who developed the new material believe that industrial production could begin in the next few years.
Watch the video posted by NTU Singapore HERE
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Scientists from NTU Singapore and Harvard University in the US have created an environmentally friendly food packaging that kills harmful bacteria (Photo:
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