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Cameroon 12/01/2022

Cameroon's banana exports up by 5.41% in volume

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The result is very positive for the banana sector, with the volume exported in 2021 up by +5.41% compared to the volume exported in 2020.
According to figures compiled by Assobacam (Cameroon Banana Association), the country exported 198,634 tonnes of bananas during the year 2021, an increase of +5.41% compared to the 187,884 tonnes shipped in 2020.
This increase is explained by the resumption of activities by CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation), the public agro-industrial structure, whose production is increasing. Due to the socio-political crisis that has shaken the country's two English-speaking regions since 2016, CDC had stopped producing between September 2018 and June 2020. In 2021, CDC exported 16,779 tonnes compared to only 6,168 tonnes in 2020.
For the other operators in the sector: PHP (Plantations du Haut Penja), a subsidiary of the French company Compagnie fruitière, remains the leader with 167,534 tonnes of bananas exported in 2021 against 166,762 tonnes in 2020; BPL (Boh Plantations) exported 14,321 tonnes of bananas in 2021 against 14,954 tonnes in 2020. 
Bananas are an important source of foreign currency for Cameroon, which intends to increase its annual production to 500,000 tonnes by 2030, according to projections contained in the National Development Strategy
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Cameroon's exports increased in 2021 thanks to the performance of PHP, which remains the leader, and CDC (Photo:
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