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South Africa 07/01/2022

South Africa to export pears to China

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Six years ago South African apples were granted access to the Chinese market. The protocol for pears has been subject to various delays, but HORTGRO has announced that access to the Chinese market has finally been granted.
HORTGRO said that after years of negotiations, and work, the protocol was signed and access accepted by the Chinese Minister of GACC (General Administration of Customs of China) in November 2021. Then the agreement was signed by the South African Department of Agriculture in December 2021. The final stage, registration and verification of orchards and packing sites, is already underway. Upon completion, the first container of pears can be shipped to China.
"We are looking forward to shipping our first container of ethically produced pears to China under the strictest food safety protocols. We see the Chinese market as crucial to the sustainability and growth of our pear industry. We have seen considerable growth in exports to other Asian countries and can now supply our pears to Chinese consumers," said Mr Du Preez, Managing Director of Hortgro.
According to Du Preez, 22% of South African pear exports in 2021 were destined for the Far East and Asian markets, which have seen strong growth in demand over the past five years. 
"Securing a market of this nature is not a quick fix that will allow large volumes to be exported overnight. The real work of developing this market in partnership with commercial players, begins today by maximizing the potential to reach large volumes to China" said Mr Anton Rabe, Executive Director of Hortgro.
It is still too early for the 2022 season, but good winter rains have ended South Africa's prolonged drought and provide optimism for the next harvest.
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Asian and Far Eastern markets accounted for 22% of South African pear exports. This share is expected to increase further with the opening of the Chinese market (Photo:
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