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Netherlands (the) 22/12/2021

INTERPERA 2022 goes to Rotterdam

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The 14th edition of the international pear congress will take place in June 2022 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). INTERPERA brings together international producers, traders and agents.
INTERPERA will be held from June 28 to 30, 2022 in Rotterdam (Netherlands). This 14th edition is co-organized by the AREFLH (Assembly of European Fruit, Vegetable and Horticulture Regions) and the DPA (Dutch Products Association).
The event aims to bring together international producers, traders and agents to discuss technical and economic issues, such as recent developments and prospects for pear production.
Every year, INTERPERA is the ideal congress to share knowledge about production, innovation, crop protection, fertilization and sales.
On the first day (June 28) several orchards, companies and the Betuwe research station will be visited. The second day (June 29) will take place the main conference, with sessions on the evolution of the market, the forecasts of the summer pear harvest and innovation. On the 3rd (June 30) the Pear Day will be celebrated in Krabbendijke.
The detailed program will be announced in January 2022, information available at
source : areflh org
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The International Pear Congress to be held for the first time in the Netherlands (Photo :
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