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New Quality Classification and Trade Conditions for EPAL Euro Pallets

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EPAL (European Pallet Association e.V.) has just revised the Quality Classification and Exchange Conditions in close collaboration with retail and transport professionals as well as pallet service providers and repair companies.
The new version of the EPAL Quality Classification still includes the distinction between new EPAL European pallets and used EPAL European pallets of classes A, B and C.
This new version of the Quality Classification offers users of EPAL Europe pallets the opportunity to agree, when purchasing or exchanging EPAL Europe pallets, for the delivery of a defined quality of re-used European pallets that meet the to individual user requirements. This should increase the efficiency of the deployment of used EPAL Europe pallets.
"One of the great strengths of the EPAL Europe pallet pool is the flexibility of use of EPAL Europe pallets of all ages and qualities to take into account the different requirements of different sectors and companies. The new Quality Classification of EPAL makes this process even easier and more efficient "underlined Jean-Philippe Gaussorgues, President of EPAL France and Vice-President of EPAL.
Consult the quality classification and exchange conditions HERE 
EPAL (European Pallet Association e.V.), as an international association, organizes the EPAL Europe pallet exchange pool. With currently over 600 million EPAL Europe pallets and approximately 20 million EPAL pallet boxes in circulation, the EPAL Europe Pallet Exchange Pool is the largest pallet exchange pool in the world. Founded in 1991 as the international association for exchangeable Europe pallets, EPAL is now active in more than 30 countries with national associations and representations. Over 1,500 EPAL licensees manufacture and repair Europe pallets and other EPAL handling tools worldwide.
source : epal pallets org
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New EPAL Europe pallets (left) and used EPAL Europe pallets of classes A, B and C (Photo:
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