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Belgium 19/10/2021

New word in quality sorting: meet Cascade Singulator for cherries by TOMRA

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Fructidor dived into the issue of cluster separating machinery and addressed concrete questions to Jesus Cruz, Sales Manager for TOMRA Fresh Food in Spain, Portugal, Italy & Morocco, in order to better understand what is Cascade Singulator for cherries by TOMRA and why this solution is so unique. 

According to Jesus Cruz, Cascade Singulator is an ideal solution for small or medium-large scale cherry packers. This machine will improve the quality of the separation while guaranteeing increased reliability and consistency in the fruit quality, and will also ensure reduced operational hours and maintenance costs. 

Jesus Cruz: “Our customers will not need to hire highly skilled people to continuously adjust the singulator for different varieties during the cherry season, while also reducing the operational hours needed to replace blades and bearings during the maintenance procedures. Considering the challenges our customers have been facing around the world to source labor, especially high-skilled people for their cherry season, we believe this machine will be extremely beneficial.”

Fructidor: “How many tons does Cascade Singulator sort? Is this solution for small, middle-size or big growers?”

JC: “We have a customized solution for every size. The productivity varies from 2 to 20 tons per hour.”

Fructidor: “How can your existing customers upgrade? With which machines is it compatible?”

JC: “This machine is designed to retrofit existing grading and packing lines of cherries. TOMRA has specifically designed components that can be added on to fit existing infeed lines and replace old cluster cutters and/or any other type of separators.”

Fructidor: “Can it be installed on some other sorting machine? (not TOMRA)"

JC: “Yes, It can. Our customer Polehn Farms has indeed retrofitted an existing sorting machine provided by another supplier.”


For more information about Cascade Singulator for cherries by TOMRA, see the website





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Jesus Cruz, Sales Manager for TOMRA Fresh Food in Spain, Portugal, Italy & Morocco, at Fruit Attraction 2021
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