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Italy 01/10/2021

Italian pumpkin now holds new world record

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Grown in Tuscany, in Rada in Chianti, a pumpkin weighing 1,226 kg is now the largest pumpkin in the world. The vegetable will have its place in the World Guinness Record and surpass the previous record, established in Belgium, of more than 35 kg
The event "Festa dello Zuccone" held in Peccioli, province of Pisa in the Tuscany region, featured the national giant pumpkin championship. A competitor in this championship for several years, Stefano Cutrupi, a farmer based in Poggerino, Radda in Chianti, won the competition this year with a pumpkin weighing 1,226 kilos.
The official World Guinness Record judges have yet to certify this result to officially proclaim the new world record. The previous record was held since 2016 by the Belgian Mathias Willemijns with a pumpkin weighing 1190.50 kg.
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The winning pumpkin of the Italian Giant Pumpkin Championship (Photo:
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