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China 16/09/2021

Overland imports will resume

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China to resume imports of dragon fruit and bananas from Vietnam after Covid disruption, via Kim Thanh, Lao Cai province

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture announced it during a meeting with officials from the departments of agriculture and rural development in 19 provinces in the south of the country. According to the information disclosed, the administrative authorities of Hekou, in the Chinese province of Yunnan, authorized the clearance of Vietnamese bananas through the Kim Thanh-Hekou border post and agreed to re-import the Vietnamese dragon fruit.

In order to officially resume customs procedures for fresh fruit, negotiations continue between the 2 parties on quarantine measures. China having recently issued stricter regulations concerning, in particular, product quality standards, hygiene and food safety, and the place of cultivation of products.
According to customs data, between January and June 2021, China imported 281,000 tonnes of dragon fruit from Vietnam. During the first half of 2020, China imported 367,000 tonnes of dragon fruit from Vietnam.
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Vietnam is one of China's main suppliers of dragon fruit (Photo:
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