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Belgium 26/08/2021

In Belgium, tomato exports are much higher than imports

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Tomatoes have become one of the most cultivated vegetables in Belgium. The country is a net exporter of tomatoes, with the volume exported far greater than the volume imported. 
According to Eurostat data, total Belgian tomato exports amounted to over 261,500 tonnes in 2020. Most of it went to neighboring countries (Germany, Neherlands, France) and around 26,000 tonnes were exported to Spain and Italy. Regarding imports, Belgium imported only 9,000 tonnes of Spanish and Italian tomatoes. 
"Consumers invariably associate the tomato with the South, even though it is also one of the most cultivated vegetables in Belgium", explains Glenn Sebregts, head of the marketing division of the BelOrta fruit and vegetable cooperative. Stating that with 160,000 tonnes per year, tomatoes are the most important product in terms of volume. The cooperative offers around fifty different varieties of tomatoes produced in Belgium all year round. 
The BElOrta cooperative, with 109 tomato growers among its more than 1000 members, recently carried out its own market research. According to this study: 1 in 2 Belgians buy tomatoes all year round; more than 6 in 10 people eat tomatoes once or more times a week; vine tomatoes are particularly popular. 
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