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New Zealand 09/08/2021

Record exports for New Zealand, with kiwifruit in first position

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According to the latest "Fresh Facts" which provides key statistics covering the entire New Zealand horticultural sector, exports of fresh produce have grown further, thanks in particular to the good performance of fresh fruit.
"Fresh Facts" is published annually by Plant & Food Research and Horticulture New Zealand. The latest edition provides information for the year ended June 30, 2020. New Zealand exports hit a record NZD 6.6 billion ($ 4.6 billion). This represents a further increase from the 6.2 billion NZD recorded in the previous period.
Regarding fresh fruits, export earnings reached NZD 3.7 billion, or + 8% compared to the previous period. The kiwifruit tops the rankings by a wide margin with NZD 2.5 billion, which is a further increase from the NZD 2.3 billion recorded in the previous period.
Far behind the kiwi fruit, follow apple exports with NZD 876 million, avocados NZD 112 million, blueberries NZD 44 million.
Regarding fresh vegetables, export earnings almost stagnated at 300 million NZD for the period studied against 304 million NZD for the previous period. Onions top the table with NZD 148 million, followed by squash with NZD 79 million, peppers with NZD 25 million, potatoes with $23 million.
Fresh fruits and vegetables were exported to 128 countries in 2020. The top 5 markets were continental Europe, Japan, the United States, Australia and China which together accounted for NZD 4.5 billion, or 68 % of total. Exports to Asian markets represented NZD 2.763 billion or 42% of the total.
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The kiwifruit is widely at the top of New Zealand's fruit and vegetable export ranking (Photo:,
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