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China 21/07/2021

Rising production eases container shortage in China

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In China, according to the transport ministry, the shortage of empty containers has worsened thanks to manufacturers who have increased their production capacity.
At a press conference, Vice Minister of Transport Zhao Chongjiu said that the monthly production capacity of Chinese container manufacturers has now reached 500,000 TEU (TEU-twenty foot equivalent units).
Adding that the Ministry of Transport will continue to work with relevant parties to increase the transport capacity from mainland China, improve the efficiency of container rotation and ensure that the logistics chain international is stable and fluid.
Due to the outbreak, operational capacity at ports had declined and made it difficult for empty containers to return to China. In addition, other factors, such as the blockage of the Suez Canal, affected the transport capacity on the main sea routes. But the economic recovery has caused an increase in demand for containers for exports.
Last year, Chinese ports handled 14.55 billion tonnes of cargo and 260 million TEUs (twenty-foot TEUs) which places them 1st in the world.
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In China, increasing production by manufacturers will reduce the shortage of empty containers (Photo:
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