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Poland 25/06/2021

Start of the strawberry season

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Strawberries are the most anticipated seasonal fruit by Polish consumers, according to a recent study. This year the weather conditions are favorable and the harvest is estimated at the same level as in previous years.
According to the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, weather conditions are favorable and this year's harvest is expected to reach the same level as in previous years. In 2019 the harvest had totaled 175,000 tonnes and in 2020 the harvest had totaled 170,000 tonnes. The final volume will depend on the weather.
In Poland the strawberry season usually lasts until mid-July. Dozens of varieties of strawberries are grown in the country. The largest cultivation areas are located in the Mazowieckie region but also in the Lubelskie and Swietokrzyskie regions.
This year, according to some analysts, demand for strawberries will be strong from the processing industry. Stocks are low due to lower fruit quality last year. This demand from manufacturers could weigh on prices.
According to a survey conducted by Kantar, strawberries are the seasonal fruit most eagerly awaited by a large majority (65%) of Poles.
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Polish strawberry production is expected to reach 170-175,000 tonnes this year (Photo:
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