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Slight increase forecast for global tomato processing volume

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According to the latest WPTC (World Processing Tomato Council) estimates, the global tomato processing volume should register an increase of + 0.8% compared to 2020.
WPTC (World Processing Tomato Council) in its recent forecast for the global tomato processing volume 2021 estimates that this volume could reach 38.92 million tonnes. That is a slight increase of + 0.8% compared to the final result for 2020 (38.6 million tonnes).
Showing a slight increase over the 2020 volume, this recent estimate differs by -0.5% from the previous estimate and -2% from the initial estimate. By country :
Italy: 5.4 million tonnes,
Spain: 3.1 million tonnes,
.Portugal: 1.4 million tonnes,
. France: 180,000 tonnes,
.Greece: 460,000 tonnes,
Hungary: 100,000 tonnes,
.Russia: 550,000 tonnes,
Ukraine: 850,000 tonnes.
.China: 4.8 million tonnes,
.Japan: 32,000 tonnes,
.USA, excluding California: 453,000 tonnes,
Argentina: 595,000 tonnes,
.Australia: 230,000 tonnes,
.Chile: 1.1 million tonnes,
Peru: 120,000 tonnes,
South Africa: 149,000 tonnes.
WPTC (World Processing Tomato Council) is an international non-profit organization representing the tomato processing industry. Currently, its members represent more than 95% of the volume of processed tomatoes in the world.
source :, WPTC world production estimate 
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The global tomato processing volume is expected to reach 38.92 million tonnes according to the latest estimates (Photo:
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