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South Africa 19/05/2021

South African kiwis are well positioned to capture market share in the northern hemisphere

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Globally, New Zealand remains the world's leading exporter of Gold kiwis but South Africa, benefiting from an adapted latitude and a warmer climate, produces and exports Gold kiwis between 2 and 12 weeks before the start. of the New Zealand harvest.
In South Africa, Gold kiwis are harvested in February and March and then exported to markets in the northern hemisphere. There, South African kiwifruit does not compete with kiwifruit of other origins and South African producers get good prices.
This growing demand observed in international markets and the arrival of new varieties of kiwifruit has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of producers in the country and a constant increase in new orchards. The year 2019 saw the creation of SA Kiwi Growers Association, the organization of South African kiwifruit producers which aims to support and develop the national kiwi industry.
The association has strengthened its capacities by establishing a representation in each of the cultural regions of the country. The areas now reach 230 hectares, according to recent statistics, and register an increasing trend.
This constant increase in planted areas can also be explained, according to some South African producers, by the profitability of the crop. A small-scale farm remains viable with only 5 hectares of Gold kiwifruit, thanks to the good yields and the prices obtained.
If for the 2020 harvest, only 220 tonnes of kiwifruit were exported mainly to the EU and UK markets, the volume will increase significantly in the coming years.


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South African traders have identified a favorable "window" for their kiwifruit shipments to northern hemisphere markets (Photo:
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