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Iran 11/03/2021

Iran's largest terminal for agri-food exports opens

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The terminal is located on the Caspian Sea, in the province of Mazandaran which accounts for around 11% of total Iranian production and which, with 150,000 hectares of orchards, is the leading producer of horticultural products in the country.
Located in the town of Jouybar, the terminal covers 31,000 hectares and required an investment of around $171 million. The 1st phase of this terminal has just been inaugurated. This export terminal includes different sectors dedicated to the sorting and packaging of fruit, freezing and storage of products.
The terminal houses 57 cold storage halls with a freezing capacity of 80 tonnes of products per day. Up to 274,000 tonnes of agricultural products can be packaged there and 90,000 tonnes of products can be stored at controlled temperature.
Among the objectives of this new terminal, the development of exports. Its strategic position on the Caspian Sea will make it possible to increase shipments to Russia and the CIS countries.
In the province of Mazandaran, 72 types of agricultural products are cultivated with annual yields reaching nearly 7 million tons. Last year the province exported 169,000 tonnes of citrus fruits (+ 139% compared to the previous year) and 104,000 tonnes of kiwis (+ 15%). Russia, Iraq, India, Oman, Qatar, Afghanistan and the countries bordering the Caspian Sea were the main destinations.



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The 1st phase has just been inaugurated. The terminal has the capacity to store 90,000 tonnes and package 274,000 tonnes (Photo:
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