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The MDV (Madinah Dates Virtual) online trade fair continues with B2B meetings

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After 2 days of conferences, workshops and demonstrations, the Madinah Dates Virtual exhibition continues with B2B meetings where importers and buyers from all over the world will be able to meet Saudi Arabian date professionals, producers and exporters.


Madinah Dates Virtual is the flagship product of Saudi dates. In addition to the usual nutritional benefits, the Medina date is considered to have additional spiritual virtues by all Muslims. The millions of pilgrims who came to Medina bought almost all of the local production, but the health crisis stopped the influx of these pilgrims.


Local producers are keen to develop exports, notably with Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit, the online exhibition dedicated to the dates of Medina. 



Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit

B2B meetings are organised by

and will run until 18 Feb. 2021


Request a B2B meeting online 

Contact: Christophe Durrieu   +33 680 38 14 46



MDV (Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit) was set up thanks to a protocol between IsDB (Islamic Development Bank Group) and MCCI (Madinah Chamber of Commerce), with the support of ITC (International Trade Center) and under the supervision of ITFC (International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation) through a project to develop the date sector in the Medina region.



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Turkiye Art Meyve Tarim A.S. - Turkiye - 1. Apple - 2. Cherry - 3. Fig
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Request an online B2B meeting to meet a selection of producers and exporters from Saudi Arabia.
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