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Several segments but only one star: the date of Medina

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Saudi Arabia is the 2nd producer of dates in the world and exports around 12% of its production. Exported dates are suitable for all segments but the star product remains the date from Medina, whose Saudi profesionals now want to increase its presence on international markets. 


For dates, international markets can be segmented according to product category, complexity of the operations required and distribution channels. As well as depending on the destination of products such as domestic consumption, catering or the food industry. For professionals 3 main segments stand out: dates for industry/ 1st price / luxury segment. 


The Al-Madinah region is the 3rd major center of date palms in Saudi Arabia, with around 180,000 tonnes of annual production. Its production caters to all market segments with different varieties, the main ones being Ajwa Almadena, Ruthana, Burni, Safawi, Shalabi, Anbarah, Rabeiah. 


The region exported little because sales to pilgrims who came to the holy places of the Muslim religion absorbed almost all of the production. Medina dates have a special place for Muslims. They are considered one of the sacred fruits, by their quotation in hadiths, collections of traditions, and their association since always with rituals and religious occasions. Especially during pilgrimages (Umrah, Hajj) and during Ramadan where often the dates of Medina are the first food absorbed during the fast breaking. 


For months the global pandemic has stopped the influx of pilgrims and Saudi progrssionals now want to increase the presence of Medina dates on international markets. Thanks in partiular to Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit, the online exhibition dedicated to the date of Medina. 


Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit

from 19th January to 20th February 2021




Free for buyers and B2B Meetings organized by Only registration is necessary to participate in this free online fair where you can participate simply by connecting to the Internet, via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 


MDV (Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit) was put in place through a protocol between IsDB (Islamic Development Bank Group) and MCCI (Madinah Chamber of Commerce), as well as with the support of ITC (International Trade Center) and under the supervision of ITFC (International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation) through a date sector development project in the Medina region. organizes online meetings

Contact: Christophe Durrieu    +33 680 38 14 46  







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Medina dates, thanks to high quality and diverse varieties, present clear competitive advantages in international markets.
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