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Maersk Container Industry will deliver 500 Star Cool reefer units to Dole

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Maersk Container Industry (MCI), manufacturer of refrigerated containers and refrigeration machines, signed an agreement to deliver 500 new Star Cool units to Dole Food Company, one of the world's largest producers of bananas and pineapples, and a packer of salads and fresh vegetables. Dole will pick up the new reefers with its own new building Dole Maya vessel in Qingdao, China in January 2021.


Dole is focused on delivering the highest quality fruit while reducing their carbon footprint globally, which was taken into account when choosing Star Cool. “The delivery of these new units will enhance our cold chain efficiency and allow us to deliver on our promise to our customers,” said Dole representative, Ana Anchia, Regional Equipment Manager.


An original engineering feature of Star Cool units is that they can control the speed of the reefer compressor according to the specific cooling demands of the cargo, and therefore operate with the highest level of precision and energy efficiency.


The preselected maximum CO2 level inside the reefer allows the units to control the fresh airflow with the automatic Star Cool ventilation system (AV +). This innovative fresh air control mode further reduces energy consumption and thus relates the carbon footprint. The amount of ambient air entering the container is regulates, which reduces the need for cooling down warm air and reduces the risk of ingress of harmful external gases. Upgrading to these units will allow Dole to have greater control over its product during shipping. AV+ was designed to maximize the freshness of bananas and other fresh fruit cargos as vessels traverse the tropics, while optimizing energy efficiency.


MCI is a manufacturer of refrigerated containers and refrigeration machines for customers in the intermodal industry, which encompasses fruit multinational companies, shipping lines and leasing companies. Maersk Container Industry is part of A.P. Moeller - Maersk, an integrated transport and logistics company with multiple brands and one of the global leaders in container shipping and ports.


Click here for more information about Star Cool Integrated™ reefer containers.


Dole Ocean Cargo Express has its own growing fleet of chartered vessels, which maximizes marine transportation efficiency and address the critical issues of transporting time-sensitive products between Latin America, the United States and Europe.


For more information, visit company’s website.


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Dole ordered 500 energy efficient Star Cool reefer units from MCI
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