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The trend is positive for maritime container transport

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For months, the health crisis had imposed reduced trade but encouraging signs appear as the global volumes of containers has increased by 6.9% in September compared to 2019.
According to CTS (Container Trade Statistics) shipping companies moved 14.72 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) around the world in September this year, compared to 13.76 million TEU the same month in 2019. An increase of 6.9%.
If this result recorded in September is slightly lower than that of August (14.80 million TEU) and that of July (14.82 million TEU), it does not reflect any significant decline as the sector has experienced, at the height of the health crisis.
For professionals in the sector, the trend is positive. Several shipping companies have restored their services, particularly on transpacific links during the 3rd quarter. Ports have reported a historic volume of containerized cargo handling over the past month.



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The volume transported by containers in September 2020 was 6.9% higher than in September 2019 (Photo: twitter MarineInsight)
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